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Cedar Hill Resort  Wedding With All White Doves plus flowers

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 Memorial Park Funeral  family from Riverside Oregon


I have been with funeral dove planning show case  lately. Check out my work here. There are some stories that can only be told through our event movement planning Ideas.

 All customer(s) must read all rules . All rules still apply even if not signed.  
                                                White Bird(s) Rental Company Rules & Polices

 White Bird(s) Rental Company Rules & Polices  The retainer is to paid in full before event. We do not hold the day or time unless service is paid if full for weddings. Bird Release(s) are no later than 2 1/2 hours before sundown. We own all filming rights no exception(s)__________ No bird(s) release in rain, wind exceeding 19mph, No fly at temperature over 83°degrees Fahrenheit, foggy or cloudy days or thunder lighting storms, all person(s) not moving back 12' or more feet from birds flight path will cause the bird(s) not to be released. No birds will be released unless we are paid in full. Any human at event harming or teasing animals will terminate our service agreement with no return of funds. Customer(s) is responsible for having insurance. __________ Customer(s) must pay in full when we arrive no exceptions. On day of funeral(s) service(s) payment in full right when arrive note: Any payment later than 15 minutes on agreed time will have a added fee, not acceding 1k. plus agreed staring price. We charge hourly even if birds are not released customer(s) still owes the hourly charge paid in full no exceptions. Customer must read & understand all terms & agree. x_______________________________ Date_________________ Time:_____ Event date:_____________ Venue:_____________________________


If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.

We Service West Portland Cedar Mill Beaverton Hillsboro Oregon

Weddings by hour prices:

10 birds ... $200

20 birds ... $250

30 birds ... $295

road trip

Funeral by hr. prices:

10 birds ...$200

20 birds ...$250

30 birds ...$295

latest work

White Dove Funeral Service West Portland Hillsboro Beaverton Cedar Mill

I have been a Professional Dove Wedding Event Designer for more than a decade. I love capturing special moments and freezing them in time like a special memory. 

my story


If a Event is worth a thousand words, then let me share my novel with you WITH MY Event IDEAS.

Funeral Prices:  $200 & weddings Start at $200 by the hour in west Portland Oregon Cedar Mill  Still must pay in full even if birds are not released. : Add $1000 extra to other cities

 Funeral Prices

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Funeral Dove Rental Price: $200 Hr. & up


Wedding White Doves Price: $200 Hr. & up

Wedding  EVENT IDeaS




We help disabled business owner



Weddings  & Funerals planning in West Portland Cedar Mill Bethany Hillsboro Call for Beaverton Funeral or Wedding White Dove IDEA EVENTS 1 (971) 703-4918

Everything and everyone have a story to tell. I love capturing an interesting dove event of an inanimate object and letting viewers come up with their own ideas about it.

Funeral Prices:  $200 & up   $10 credit card fee.

Call 1 (971) 703-4918  for Wedding Dove pricing

Wedding Prices:

 No Handler fee . Outside service area fee 15 miles or more.


Portland Hill Resort Wedding Event

Wedding Funeral Movies

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