I have always had a passion for capturing moments for events. With more than 15 years of experience, I have the skill and trained eye to make your project come to life with Ideas.

Event Funeral Dove Designer, Cedar Mill West Portland Hillsboro

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  • Personal Story Designer in Hollywood and Europe

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We service the North West Portland Cedar Mill ares Cemetery locations like Forest Lawn Memorial Park  Funeral Home White Dove Release Video Link Services at most Venues but not all do not allow Photography or Video Recording of any kind only allow all White Dove Release services by  professional vendor companies in West Portland Once you have paid in full & hired us we offer free advise how to pick you event vendors and venue of your event if it's a wedding we know most of the wedding venues of
Orange County and Los Angeles and there general ruff price range. If your planning a Life Celebration or Funeral Service we work with most of the cemeteries and funeral homes in Cedar Mill West Portland Hillsboro we now how to help you get the most for your dollar on these type of services.

White Doves  Prices

1 Single Dove Release   185.00

2 Two Dove Release      200.00

3 Four Dove Release      225.00

4 Six Dove Release         245.00

5 Eight Dove Release      265.00

6 Ten Dove Release        285.00

7 Twelve Dove Release   325.00

8 Twenty Dove Release   350.00