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Working Agreement

All retainer payment(s) are paid before two weeks in full for any event by cash or credit card. Parking is prepaid for by customer(s) 100% and parking must be within 100 yards of event venue. Insurance or any special permits is paid for customer(s) 100%. Any person(s) such as but not limited to security guard(s) hotel employ(s) wedding guest(s) wedding vendor(s) funeral director(s) funeral employ(s) who blocks us from working and other event services we provide will result in a loss of all services paid for with no return of retainer funds at all. Other factors such as firearm(s) weapon(s) on premises of event will terminate all services at once with no return of retainer. Any of our equipment is damaged by any person at your event not limited to security guard(s) Worker (s) persons onsite the customer will be charged for any and all damages on there credit card extra from service fee(s). All sales finale no return of retainer funds even if not happy with design . All prof of service photo(s) sent electronically not on paper or disc(s). Hourly charge only we stop when time has ran out. Must pay on the spot if extra service(s) are requested. We do not take some of our decor items rainy weather if it's a rainy day and it's are judgement to do service or not if we choose not to do because poor weather or other factors no return of retainer will be given at all under no  no circumstances. I have read all terms of contract and agree and understand to all terms.



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